BIG-MAP highlights

  • The BIG-MAP robotics team arranged an on-site visit in October in Würzburg
  • The participants were our partners from the IT University of Copenhagen, Rodrigo Moreno and Jonas Jensen. Ihar Suvorau joined in virtually from University of Tartu via Teams
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  • The 4th biannual BIG-MAP project meeting
  • The project meeting took place 7-8 September in Denmark organized by students and postdocs with no PIs, and was a great success in terms of networking and scientific discussions.

        Daniel Arismendi Arrieta and Tejs Vegge


  • WP2 Highlights
  • The work in WP2 proceeds on the overall goal to find new modelling solutions that make computer simulations at the atomic scale more capable, more accurate and more realistic. Here ML approaches that mimic quantum-mechanical (QM) results without the explicit (and costly) presence of the electrons play a particularly important role.
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Tejs Vegge
Professor, Head of Section
DTU Energy
+45 45 25 82 01

New BIG-MAP Publication

Dynamic structure discovery applied to the ion transport in the ubiquitous Lithium-ion Battery electrolyte LP30

Figure  From the CHAMPION analysis it is possible to quantitatively obtain the diffusivities of the different LP30 components subdivided into vehicular (dark, % fraction) and non-vehicular (light) contributions. 


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This project has received funding from the European Union's
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under
grant agreement No 957189.



BIG-MAP is a 20 MEuro, 3-year project running from 1. September, 2020 to 31. August 2023.