BIG-MAP App Store

BIG-MAP has developed a platform to share and promote its state-of-the-art tools and methods: the BIG-MAP App Store. This online portal serves as the primary registry of all the apps used and developed in the projects funded by BIG-MAP, offering a one stop solution to explore powerful apps for battery research.

The App Store hosts more than 25 apps, covering a broad range of topics such as automatic battery assembly with robots, automatic frameworks for various types of simulations, GUIs for running different electronic structure codes like Quantum ESPRESSO, VASP etc., modular tools for electrochemical analysis, machine learning tools, and battery management systems. 

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Other Key Findings

Scientific workshop

BIG-MAP WP5 partners came together in Grenoble from June 14th to June 16th for a scientific workshop and discussions around the outcomes of the multimodal multi-technique platform being built to investigate standardised batteries.

This workflow involves state of the art experimental techniques both in lab and at large scale facilities (X-Rays and neutrons).  BIGMAP cells have been measured on different synchrotron beamlines through a wide spectrum of techniques, including RIXS, XAS, XRS and XRD paying due attention to beam damage.  The gathering enabled discussion of results and also included a training session on data analysis standardization with XPS as selected case and a hands-on session with a round-robin analysis.   Exchanges on the strategies for handling large amounts of data also took place, including ways to improve their data processing, and guidelines on making data FAIR and interaction with other WP (e.g WP7 on Ontology), as the ultimate goal is to ontologize characterization metadata.
Last but not least, BIG-MAP members attended the discussions related to the Battery hub, a 3-years project coordinated by CEA, aiming at accelerating battery research by using a new access mode to synchrotron techniques at ESRF through development of holistic approaches to understand reaction mechanisms using spectroscopic, diffraction, scattering, imaging and tomographic techniques.


Top downloaded paper: BIG-MAP Data Management Plan

The manuscript reporting the BIG-MAP Data Management Plan is a top downloaded article in Battery&Supercaps. This stresses how crucial research data management is and how BIG-MAP is pioneering a FAIR data infrastructure.




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Tejs Vegge
Professor, Head of Section
DTU Energy
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New BIG-MAP Publication

A solution-mediated pathway for the growth of the solid electrolyte interphase in lithium-ion batteries

In this article, Wolfgang Wenzel and co-workers use a mesoscale simulation approach to comprehensively characterize the growth and composition of the SEI based on a chemistry-specific reaction network. They find that the organic SEI forms and grows in a solution-mediated pathway by the aggregation of SEI precursors far away from the surface via a nucleation process, which has consequences for long-term battery operation. 




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This project has received funding from the European Union's
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under
grant agreement No 957189.



BIG-MAP is a 20 MEuro, 3-year project running from 1. September, 2020 to 29. February, 2024.