Public project deliverables

The following public deliverables have been submitted to/approved by the Commission

D1.1 - BIG-MAP website (approved)

D1.2 - Data Management Plan (approved)

D1.10 - Proceeding from an early stage research seminar (approved)

D1.11 - Proceeding from international workshop/conference (approved)

D1.13 - Final Dissemination report (submitted)

D2.4 - Protocol for SEI composition and degradation prediction (submitted)

D2.5 -  Initial protocols for experimental spectra prediction (submitted)

D4.1 - Specification (flow chart) of hardware and software architecture (approved)

D4.5 - Report-on-inorganic-coatings-prepared-by-combinatorial-syntheses (submitted)

D4.6 - Demonstration of automated synthesis procedure (submitted)

D4.7 - Design of robotic system for organic synthesis (approved)

D4.8 - Design of robotic system for inorganic synthesis (approved)

D5.1 - State-of-the art experimental matrix, tier 1 experimental plan and workflow (approved)

D5.2 - Global BIG-MAP experimental matrix, proof-of-concept of BIG-MAP experimental workflow and definition of perspectives and future vision towards the European multimodal platform (submitted)

D5.3 - Demonstration of the capability to run coordinated multi-techniques experiments to acquire multi-scale data, and practical application to a selected chemistry (submitted)

D5.4 - Report on lab-scale and large-scale facilities automated and standardized data analysis (submitted)

D5.5 - Design of workflow for a European experimental multimodal platform completed (approved)

D6.4 - Advanced direct SEI investigations for chemistry neutral lithium-based batteries b y integrated high throughput electrochemistry with ex situ high throughput spectroscopy (submitted)

D7.1 - Report on ontology standards and development strategy (approved)

D7.2 - Initial version of battery ontology (approved)

D7.3 - First stable release of the battery interface ontology (approved)

D7.4 - Report on battery interface ontology case study

D7.5 - Battery Interface Ontology published according to standards in the European modelling community (submitted)

D8.7 - Online data analysis tools made available to the whole community (submitted)

D8.8 - First European platform open to researchers/industries outside of the consortium where batteries can be tested following the tests protocols defined in BIG-MAP (submitted)

D9.1 - Prototype of the BIG-MAP App-store (approved)

D9.5 - Updated BIG-MAP App-store (submitted)

D9.6 - Demonstrator of a simulation run by an experiment, and an experiment run by a simulation (submitted)

D10.1 - Active learning package/module demonstrated to work on pre-generated simulation or experimental data sets (approved)

D10.4 - Tiered theory and experiment screening pipeline as first test case for automatic reasoning calibration (Submitted)

D11.2 - Identification of interphase descriptor dynamics for test system (submitted)

D11.5 - Demonstrate transfer of select model(s) to novel battery materials/chemistry (Submitted)
22 APRIL 2024