Fraunhofer ISC in Würzburg hosted a joint workshop together with the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) and the University of Tartu (UTARTU). During the visit, a diverse programme enabled guests to experience the existing robot-based automation platform first-hand. The progresses and achievement of specific goals were addressed in detail in an interactive and fruitful discussions. Subsystems of the plant were successfully tested, ITU team adapted their analysis algorithms, carried out extensive data collection and worked out efficient cleaning cycles for the in-house liquid/liquid extraction device managing a smooth integration of the API for the dosing equipment, which was a significant milestone. In addition, both acquired and self-built devices were successfully put into operation. UTARTU team members were extremely happy to actually sit at the devices and machines for which he has been programming the back-end for so long!

The careful preparation beforehand promoted a seamless effort integration.  An unforgettable moment was the last cooperation day, when all colleagues worked dedicatedly on the plant!


07-2023: Scientific workshop

BIG-MAP WP5 partners came together in Grenoble from June 14th to June 16th for a scientific workshop and discussions around the outcomes of the multimodal multi-technique platform being built to investigate standardised batteries.

This workflow involves state of the art experimental techniques both in lab and at large scale facilities (X-Rays and neutrons).  BIGMAP cells have been measured on different synchrotron beamlines through a wide spectrum of techniques, including RIXS, XAS, XRS and XRD paying due attention to beam damage.  The gathering enabled discussion of results and also included a training session on data analysis standardization with XPS as selected case and a hands-on session with a round-robin analysis.  Exchanges on the strategies for handling large amounts of data also took place, including ways to improve their data processing, and guidelines on making data FAIR and interaction with other WP (e.g WP7 on Ontology), as the ultimate goal is to ontologize characterization metadata.

Last but not least, BIG-MAP members attended the discussions related to the Battery hub, a 3-years project coordinated by CEA, aiming at accelerating battery research by using a new access mode to synchrotron techniques at ESRF through development of holistic approaches to understand reaction mechanisms using spectroscopic, diffraction, scattering, imaging and tomographic techniques.


04-2023: Participance at the MRS Spring conference, 10.- 14. April 2023 in San Francisco, California, USA, as invited speaker presenting part of the results within the BIG-MAP project

04-2023: ITU presented our 'Tiles system' at the ERF2023 (European Robotics Forum 2023) in Odense on March 2023 15.,  to an industrial and academic robotics audience.



04-2023: Professor Pietro Asinari presented the preliminary results of a multiscale model of SEI at the CECAM conference at the EPFL (Lausanne, CHE) organized by the oldest and most prestigious community of numerical modellists in Europe. The model, developed in collaboration with Paolo De Angelis, Roberta Cappabianca, Matteo Fasano, and Eliodoro Chivazzo, is the first step towards achieving the final goal of the European project that aims to link all scales of description from electronics to the complete fabrication process, thereby accelerating the development of next-generation batteries. The presentation focused on the study of the Anode-Electrolyte reactive interphase at the atomistic scale, using reactive molecular dynamics simulation. The conference provided a platform for in-depth discussions and insights into the research, and further development of the model is expected to pave the way for breakthroughs in battery technology.

04-2023: Certificate from Batteries & Supercaps. The manuscript  reporting the BIG-MAP Data Management Plan is a top downloaded article in Battery & Supercaps. This stresses how crucial research data management is and how BIG-MAP is pioneering a FAIR data infrastructure. Congratulations to all authors for such and important contribution and recognition.

03-2023: BIG-MAP present at IBA2023 meeting: The IBA2023 meeting hosted in Austin by Prof. Arumugam Manthiram, both Sandrine Lyonnard and Robert Dominko gave invited talks. Fruitful interactions and interesting discussions followed.

02-2023: Biannual project meeting for BIG-MAP in Barcelona: In february the BIG-MAP community had the biannual meeting which included updates and results from the partners within the different workpackages.

The in-person participants for the Biannual project meeting

01-2023: New BIG-MAP publication in Joule: Design of workflow for crosstalk detection and lifetime deviation onset in Li-ion batteries by Valentin Meunier, Matheus Leal De Souza, Mathieu Morcrette, Alexis Grimaud.

12-2022: New BIG-MAP publication in Chemistry Europe: Electrochemistry Visualization Tool to Support the Electrochemical Analysis of Batteries by Matheus Leal De Souza, Marc Duquesnoy, Dr. Mathieu Morcrette, Prof. Dr. Alejandro A. Franco.

2022: M Rosa Palacin – awarded. Award by the French Chemical Society to a Spanish Chemist. It will be officially delivered during the next meeting of the society in June.
19 JULY 2024