Key Demonstrators

BIG-MAP Key Demonstrators are listed and described via the menu to the left. A knowledge graph showing relationships with deliverables and work packages can be found here.

BIG-MAP has identified 12 Key Demonstrators to visualize and quantify the impact achievable in the ramp-up phase and most results can be directly linked to them.

The 12 Key Demonstrators are:

KD1  - QML Demonstrator of an interface potential for an experimental electrode-electrolyte system
KD2  - AI-enhanced Multi-scale Demonstrator for accelerated scale-bridging 
KD3  - Demonstration of Autonomous Synthesis Robotics of protective electrode coatings
KD4  - Multi-modal Characterization Demonstrator capable of running coordinated multi-technique experiments to acquire multi-scale/multi-fidelity data
KD5  - HTS SEI Demonstrator using integrated high-throughput electrochemistry and ex situ high throughput spectroscopy to optimized electrolyte formulations and materials
KD6  - Development of a community-wide European Battery Interface Ontology
KD7  - An Open European Platform with BIG-MAP standards & testing protocols for battery materials
KD8  - Automated Workflow Demonstrator for integrated simulations and experiments
KD9  - Development of a BIG-MAP App-store for automated analysis modules and workflows
KD10  - Modular packages for autonomous analysis of spectroscopic and electrochemical data
KD11  - Demonstration of uncertainty-guided hybrid physics and deep-learning battery model
KD12  - Transferability demonstrated for Li-ion hybrid models to novel battery chemistries
19 JULY 2024