CIDETEC is a private organization for applied research founded in 1997. Located in the city of Donostia-San Sebastián, CIDETEC is comprised of three international technological reference institutes in Energy Storage, Surface engineering and Nanomedicine.

CIDETEC Energy Storage is specialised in creating new battery technologies according to specific challenges, and its ultimate transference to the industry. The institute has the capacity to develop complete products and processes and offers material validation, pilot manufacture, pack engineering and battery testing services. CIDETEC Energy Storage involves up to 65 specialized researchers distributed into two technological units: Materials for Energy –approx. 2/3 of the workforce with a background of chemistry, electrochemistry and materials- and Systems Engineering - mainly electrical and mechanical engineers-. As a result of this approach, CIDETEC Energy Storage cooperates closely with the industry in the context of bilateral, direct contract research and product development projects, both at the National

Within BIG-MAP, CIDETEC will participate in:

  • Manufacturing negative electrodes
  • Carrying test campaigns to the cells to understand degradation mechanism including the tracking of SEI/CEI evolution
  • Extending the multiphysics models – P4D- to ageing multiphysics models (implementing the mechanical/electrochemical degradation mechanism, including SEI/CEI evolution)
  • Contributing in the implementation of Machine Learning algorithms for accelerate the understanding of the evolution of the SEI/CEI with testing conditions as well as formation steps.

BIG-MAP PI/point of contact: Elixabete Ayerbe
19 JULY 2024