Uppsala University

The Uppsala University (UU) partner in BIG-MAP are chemists from the Ångström Laboratory, which is UU's Materials research hub. On the modelling side, we build workflows for electronic and quantum-based atomistic modelling, and workflows for multiscale modelling frameworks and characterisation. On the experimental side, our focus in BIG-MAP is surface spectrocopy. Altogether UU participates in 5 of BIG-MAP’s work packages: WP2 (leader), WP3, WP5, WP8, and WP9.

For more information about our research, contact kersti@kemi.uu.se,

https://kemi.uu.se/angstrom/forskning/strukturkemi/aabc/ and http://www.teoroo.kemi.uu.se/.

UU also coordinates the BATTERY 2030+ project.


19 JULY 2024