The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is a leading Scandinavian technical university and part of the Euro Tech University Alliance and Nordic Five Tech. The DTU activities are led by the Department for Energy Conversion and Storage (DTU Energy) and supported by the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (DTU Compute). 

DTU Energy contributes to BIG-MAP as project coordinators and through their extensive experience in accelerated design, development and characterization of new technologies and materials for energy conversion and storage. Specifically in the areas of battery materials, interfaces and reaction mechanisms, as well as computational materials design, e.g., using density functional theory and machine/deep learning, operando characterization and autonomous synthesis. 

DTU Compute contributes via their extensive expertise in the development of machine and deep learning models, e.g. generative deep learning, and uncertainty quantification. 

Within BIG-MAP, DTU acts as the Project Coordinator (Prof. Tejs Vegge, teve@dtu.dk), Data Management Responsible (Prof. Ivano E. Castelli, ivca@dtu.dk) and of work package 11 “AI-accelerated Materials Discovery” (Dr. Arghya Bhowmik, arbh@dtu.dk)

Website: https://www.asm.energy.dtu.dk

DTU Point of Contact: Prof. Tejs Vegge, teve@dtu.dk

BIG-MAP Management Support Team: big-map@dtu.dk 
Karina Ulvskov Frederiksen, Karin Vels Hansen, Hanne Lauritzen

19 JULY 2024