Three CNRS laboratories, all part of the RS2E, are currently directly involved into the BIG-MAP project.

PHENIX is involved into the WP5 dedicated to Characterizations. In this work package, researchers at PHENIX laboratory are developing in collaboration with synchrotron SOLEIL new operando techniques to probe battery interfaces.

CSE, in collaboration with LRCS, is currently leading WP8 dedicated to Standards and Protocols. In this task, CSE Is developing an array of tools to ensure that battery performances and results are appropriately shared across the project. As well, CSE and LRCS are working in this WP towards establishing a European battery testing platform and battery performances certificate.LRCS is also involved into WP3 in which it is developing multi-scale simulation tools to understand battery performances and chemical/physical properties of battery interfaces. As well, LRCS is involved into WP11 in which machine learning and AI tools are developed to define physical descriptors for the interfacial properties of batteries as well as predictive tools to design better battery electrodes and electrolytes.
19 JULY 2024